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Even William was not forgotten: the „warrior” characters are dedicated to him and use all his special attacks! Use super-sprints and other laser arrows in this contemplative fighting game completely immersed in the universe and atmosphere of the first 4 seasons of the television series. Furthermore, if you wish to discover more about how the game works and about its combat system, if you need help, or advice or tips, we send you back to towards our partner: Shana. If for example you are stuck on fight number 20, nothing prevents you from redoing the fights 15 through 19 several times so as to come back with a more powerful character. No drilling off Fla. Moving with a vehicle costs 2 Vehicle Energy. Each character has a set of abilities that makes them valuable too. Her documents, notably the complete list of missions, and her help, have earned her an honored place amongst the players. For example, Aelita will be weaker alone in the beginning, but stronger with teammates. You can buy a second class for 15-20 Lyoko Points (but this amount goes up for each new class) or earn the other classes by playing through the game much later on. Meyer Rosa Petitjean Yolanda Perraudin Gilles Fumet Nicole Weber Gustave Chardin Antagonists X.A.N.A. Otherwise, pay for a class in IT. You can miss having one power completely and have your 24th power at level 2 too. iHeartRadio nominees . XP for the winner and the shame for the loser. Categories: Stubs Needs Images Codes and programs Lyoko Tower Supercomputer Fan Feed More Code Lyoko Wiki 1 Aelita Schaeffer 2 Ulrich Stern 3 Yumi Ishiyama Explore Wikis Pitch Perfect Wiki Lego Marvel and DC Superheroes Wiki Fablehaven Wiki Games Movies TV Explore Wikis Follow Us Overview About Careers Press Contact Terms of Use Privacy Policy Global Sitemap Local Sitemap Community Community Central Support Fan Contributor Program WAM Score Help Can’t find a community you love? Create your own and start something epic. To join them, click on the banner below. Note the 2 mini holomaps in the panel.Territory holomap.Mission Accomplished CL Social GameThe Lyoko Warriors vs The meduseNinja enemy from the CL:SGA Manta enemy from CL:SGA Creeper from CL:SGA Tarantula from CL:SGA Megatank from CL:SGCrab from CL:SGA Blok from CL:SGFrolion from CL:SGA Kancrelat from CL:SGYumi’s clone from CL:SGA Odd clone from CL:SGA William clone from CL:SGAelita’s clone from CL:SGUlrich’s clone from CL:SGScypozoa boss from the CL:SGAdd a photo to this gallery External links Code Lyoko Online – Link to the game Facebook Code Lyoko Online – Link to the facebook game 3DDUO – Official website of the game company Trivia/Tips First Tip at start of article: Although the LP equipment looks nice, you will thank the Wikia later if you save up! It’s a good idea to spend 15-20LP on a 2nd character if you want to share mission items. Your character is ready? You may begin to play. After finishing the virtual set up of their character and choosing a class type, players will be able to fight against X.A.N.A.’s monsters and deactivate towers. For example, only a Feline may unlock Torrent of Blows, a specific class power, and no other class may unlock that power. The site does not have a system for the CLSG. At the end of the fight, either you have won and you progress with an Experience (XP) increase, or you lost and you will have to restart the fight later. A word from Benjamin (Nelbsia): When I see the success of the CLSG on Facebook, I think that Code Lyoko clearly deserves a large MMO. And without forgetting past members who stopped playing but who were among the best contributers we have come to know from the game… There’s a total of twenty shared and five character abilities for 25 in all. Click here to go to the Social Game blog Created and maintained by Shana, in French. (0.2 – 5.6 – 1.2) Pros: Highest Speed; Cons: Lowest HP / Force Ninja (Yumi) – Ninja type class. [Pro-tip: This game has IAP (In App Purchases) for Lyoko Points (LP) but also awards them for free rarely.Try not to spend your freeLP hastily, but buy if you wish to contribute to the game. You also win some experience (in small quantities). Mirror Rorrim Lyoko Training Desert Sand Heat Carthage Sun Echo Sissi Be advised that this isn’t a complete list, there are dozens others. In addition to fighting enemies solo, the player can also virtualize friends to aid them in combat at the cost of additional energy per friend. If they are normal Towers, it could access their data and take control of any programs they currently use. In short, the whole game is based on fate and probability. Let us note however that finishing a fight which you have already won will earn you less XP than the first time. That is to say, you can use one or several friend(s) in a fight so that it can help you win. Security CheckPlease enter the text belowCan’t read the text above?Try another text or an audio captchaEnter the text you see above.Why am I seeing this?Security CheckThis is a standard security test that we use to prevent spammers from creating fake accounts and spamming users.Submit.. Like friends, you can fight against them each day to earn extra energy, even if you lose the battle. There are many uses for the group: -For help, advice and diverse discussion -To find friends and put together groups -To keep track of codes from the game (permanent and temporary) -To organize events tied to the game -For quick information about updates -To collect information and statistics on the game from Shana’s blog The active members within the group Christophe Da Silva : Community Manager of 3DDuo, he presents in the group, listening to us and trying to satisfy us as best as possible 5a02188284

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